Launched Unitas Shopping Centre, India’s Largest & Biggest Shopping Centre


Pune-based real estate group Unitas Pvt. Ltd, launched a very unique shopping center and residential complex – Unitas Tower & Shopping Centre.

Syed Shaqib Ali, the founder of Unitas Pvt. Ltd said in a press release that during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt the need to create a project based on our values and vision “Creating Opportunities through Values”, hence we decided to construct a shopping complex with international amenities and service and offer at a very affordable price starting 10 lakhs. We felt the need that there are many struggling to manage their business due to high rents and prices, therefore designed our shopping center to kickstart and support entrepreneurship”.

The Unitas Group, while designing the complex decided that the building should be accessible to physically challenged and senior customers & owners with wheelchair access throughout the complex including restrooms. The founders felt that there has a very limited approach to building commercial complexes with easy wheelchair access for senior citizens and physically challenged business owners and customers.

Pune’s largest integrated 7 floors shopping center with top-class amenities especially for the physically challenged

Unitas group believes that 600+ Shops & Food court outlets would create a great customer footfall, which would be great for the shop owners and their business. For the customer, it would offer a wide variety of goods & services at a single location. Both the shop owners and customers can enjoy international amenities with central air conditioning, well-maintained restrooms, and wheelchair access.

600+ shops and food court estimated to generate revenue over INR 45 Lacs Daily

600+ Shops & Food court outlets would are estimated to generate over daily revenue of over INR 45 Lacs. Additionally, the shopping center would create sales, technical and skilled jobs.

This would be of its kind shopping center in Pune city, which would offer a complete shopping experience where shoppers can buy goods and items at affordable prices in an international environment. The Unitas Shopping Centre would generate an estimated daily footfall of more than 20,000 people.

The Unitas Shopping Centre would generate an estimated daily footfall of more than 20,000 people

Unitas Tower & Shopping Centre is located in the upcoming suburb of Kondhwa in Pune, where residents don’t have much choice for shopping need to either go to MG Road camp or Laxmi road.

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