World Talent Economy Forum: A initiative by Dr. Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana


Since the beginning of man, we have asked and continue to ask ourselves all kinds of questions about our purposes here in this world, hoping to answer the mysteries of both our individual purposes as well as our collective purposes as well. On one level, we ask, “does my life have meaning?”, and on the next level, we ask, “do our lives have meaning?” – “What am I here for, and what are we here for?” as we try to figure out what each one of us can achieve on a personal level, and what must be achieved in collaboration with others for the tasks that simply cannot be solved by just one person alone, or by many people from just one profession, or by talented people from across all walks of life from just one nation.

It goes without saying that our species has arrived at a very important crossroads; recently we have witnessed a multitude of upheavals in technology, engineering, and travel, to finance, banking and economics, to culture, medicine, and dietetics. No sphere of human activity, innovation, discovery, and thought is being left untouched and unaffected by the tides of change, thus not only must we come together as people, we must also combine our collective knowledge across the spectra of fields and disciplines for a more effective and more efficient interdisciplinary ‘full-spectrum approach to the issues that we are faced with, including 3D printing, smart cities, automation, vaccines, the internet of things, and so on, and the consequences of all these aspects, foreseen and unforeseen alike. These are serious considerations, and the survival of our species is dependent on carefully making the right choice as to which way we should go at this crossroads.

Our society is presented with an opportunity to re-think how we as people conduct ourselves and to re-evaluate what can be left behind that no longer serves us, what we can take with us into this new era, and what we need in order to replace that which we left behind. This point in time could mark humanity’s transition from the age of competition into the new age of cooperation, or collaboration. The World Talent Economy Forum was founded with these questions, predictions, and solutions in mind, tasked with helping humanity across the globe level up to the next phase in its technological and societal evolution. What is ‘talent economics? Talent economics is a philosophy expounding that the best way forward for us into the future is to re-fit and re-orient the way we conduct and operate our economies based around the myriad diversity of talents that many different individuals have, from all walks of life, from backgrounds spanning all of the human interest in its diversity of knowledge. With this in mind, we envision a more appropriate economic system for a new era characterized by collaboration instead of competition, where monetary currency makes room for a knowledge-based economy.

The WTEF team believes that everyone has a worthwhile talent that can help us move past the problems of the old world together.

The WTEF team believes that everyone has a worthwhile talent that can help us move past the problems of the old world together.

To help our society transition from the harsher, more competitive ages of the past, the WTEF was founded by its President Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana, who had the vision of building a multidisciplinary think tank comprised of talented people of all ages, backgrounds, disciplines, and nationalities. The WTEF has an almost daily podcast series of roundtable discussions that he moderates between invited speakers who reflect this kind of diversity, where a new topic/sub-topic is chosen for each day or discussed across several episodes if there is a particular focus on a subject that is larger and more complex.

After establishing these roundtable podcast discussions, Sharif and the team at WTEF wish to go on to the next step by welcoming a new team of people who will serve as the WTEF’s advisory board.

They are: Edward Hudgins, David Smith, David Wood, Rob Enderle, Donald Steiny, Taleb Rifai (chief), Tom Ross, Gennady Stolyarov II, David Shumaker, Iftekhar Pathan, Kimberly Calhoun, Home Stoner, Fred Philip, Paula Edith Natascha, Paul Sladkus, Adrian David Cheok, Dr Kayyali Mohamed, Dr Souha Akiki, Daniel E Twedt, Zukifli Ahmad, Dr Tausif Malik, Ramlan

WTEF ambassadors: Shohel Rana, Adam James David, Humaira Tanzila, Alekz Londos, Osinakachi Akuma Kalu Oak, Richard Ker, Arifur Rahman, Kumar Longanathan, Marc Lee, Kelvin Ogba Dafiaghor, Nicholas Lukowiak, Raheel Javed, Brenda Ramokopelwa, Brent Ellman, Shanker Damodaran, Ali Rice, and WTEF President-Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana

If current events have demonstrated one important fact for us to inspire confidence during dark times, it is this: when most of Earth’s citizens rally against a shared risk that threatens the happiness and livelihoods of all citizens everywhere, then no problem is too large or too complex to tackle. Thus, as we progress further into the future, whatever is put in our way will never stop us for very long if we remember how effective it can be to mobilise a diverse multitude of talents and specialties united under one great cause that affects us all. Please subscribe to the World Talent Economy Forum YouTube channel and Facebook Page to follow our roundtable discussions, and please get in touch with us if you feel that your own talents could help our organization and its objectives. Please follow and support Alnoor Academy Sdn Bhd, Asia Research and Development Academy, World Talent Economy Forum, and School of Talent Economy for futurist Research, Coaching, and Consulting.

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